Create Optimal Functioning through Relaxation

Golfer showing good swing

It is well known that your best abilities can be put into action with more grace and ease when you are relaxed rather than stressed. No one knows this better than athletes. The Golfer knows this most of all. When we are tired and stressed the results are usually poor. Being alert and relaxed are much more likely to lead to good play.

The flight or fight response that is programmed into our Biosystems can make us feel at the mercy of any situation. We can respond by overreacting and even underreacting, creating more stress both externally and internally. When this happens, we get worse and worse at what we are trying to do.

Breaking this pattern of response not only makes us feel free of what triggers the response but gives us more energy and ability to focus. We accomplish this change of response in a three-fold manner. First, we ascertain the unconscious component that is keeping the trigger response in place. Secondly, we release the trigger from the body. And finally we practice the new self-generated response, so that it becomes automatic. These are body-centered cognitive techniques.

The outcome is situations that previously produced anxiety, including the release of stress hormones, do so less and less, as the responses become more and more automatic.

Having the ability to relax in what were previously anxiety provoking situations, not only gives us flexibility of response but also enhances the function of focus. Our Immune System’s function is enhanced, as well, when our body is spending less time in overly stressful states. Our health and our sense of well-being gets a boost, which creates a ripple effect around us.

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